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Cora Ramos

Cora Ramos

We’re excited today to have author Cora Ramos sharing how she started writing erotica. Cora and I have a commonality with the inclusion of past life themes in our novels. Set in exotic locales, Cora’s books sound fascinating.

Here’s Cora!

How did you know writing erotica was right for you?

I didn’t sit down one day and decide, “Okay, Now I’m going to write erotica.” It was an evolution. I began by writing short stories in the mystery and suspense genre, many of which ended up in my first shared anthology.*

The evolution began with my first novel, Dance the Dream Awake. My protagonist dreamed of a previous Mayan life on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico about a thousand years ago. It involved men she knew and loved then, whose relationships she briefly re-establishes as they come into her life again, present day, while she vacations in Tulum, on the Yucatan. One, whom she had loved intimately in that previous lifetime and feels easily comfortable with now, becomes her lover again. But when the other man comes into the picture, she can no longer see herself with anyone but him. Their sex is heated, as if they’d waited lifetimes for it.

I wrote about the sexual encounters in a more poetic rather than graphic style. My writing class at the time didn’t think it was all that subtle, which was an eye opener for me. They all wanted more about the man who is living next door to her in Mexico, the one who is at first antagonistic but by the end of the book has mellowed. He had piqued my interest, also, so I decided to explore their relationship further in a new book set back in the States.

So, I began what would be the sequel, Dance the Edge. While writing it, a past life emerged between them, set in ancient Japan when they were lovers. As I interjected bits of that past life into the story, my critique partners kept asking for more of that past life story. It was more complicated and intimate. So I pulled that story out, intending to do a novella, but ended up with a full novel, Haiku Dance, where I explore their tender, erotic encounters as they steal time to be together—she a courtier to the Emperor’s court, he the chief samurai in her father’s house. It felt easy and right to write those scenes. I was totally in the minds of my characters and all the nuances of their intimacy and angst in that life.

Then I came across an opportunity to hone my short story skills, again, and wrote an erotic piece for Sirens Call Publications. Going down a darker vein of the erotic suspense genre, I wrote Night Lover, the story of a woman whose nights are intruded by an incubus that invades her dreams to entrap her with his sexual power.

My emphasis in writing erotic scenes is not on the titillation (although there is nothing wrong with that—an Night Lover is more along that vein), but on allowing my characters to explore each other and give pleasure on their way to a deeper, more encompassing love.


Cora-facebook-picAbout the Author: Cora Ramos is an award winning author of stories of mystery and suspense that straddle the edge, whether that edge is the paranormal, a deadly decision or the place where science ends and magic resides.

Her short stories can be found in the anthology, *Valley Fever, Where Murder is Contagious (out of print, but soon to be put up as an e-book on Amazon—paperback copies are available through the author).

Her current novel, Dance the Dream Awake, a paranormal romantic suspense that dips into a Mayan past life, is re-edited and being reissued by Black Opal Books on May 9, 2015 (with a new book cover).

Her spicy romance novel, Haiku Dance, set in ancient Heian Japan, (era of the Tales of Genji, Sarashina Diary and The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon) will also be released this year by Black Opal Books.

She is currently finishing the 3rd book in the Dance series, Dance the Edge.

Website: http://www.coraramos.com

Cora Ramos Blog: http://coraramos-cora.blogspot.com/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/3807418-cora-ramos

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