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Less Cardio, More Lifting

Less Cardio, More Lifting

I hope you’re all having a great week. I know I am. I’m just back from the gym where I PRed (personal record) my bench press at 115 pounds. That’s the bar plus two big 35 lb plates on each side. I’m getting into the big girl range. I did a happy dance on the gym floor! So this week, to continue with my health posts for writers, I decided to discuss heavy lifting. read more…

Christie Meierz Shares What You Probably Didn’t Know About Sex In Space

Christie Meierz Shares What You Probably Didn’t Know About Sex In Space

Today, we’re happy to welcome best-selling author Christie Meierz who’s here to explain how she manages sex in space. Okay, not Christie herself, but for her characters. Now, this is creative research. Who knew? I think this article is a hoot!

And after you’ve been enlightened as to how sex in space works (or doesn’t) see how Christie handles it in her latest release, The Fall.

Here’s Christie! read more…

Use Graphic Images to Promote Your Books on Social Media

Use Graphic Images to Promote Your Books on Social Media

There is endless marketing advice out there on how to market books on social media. Sum All is a FREE analytics tool that I use to help decipher my social media traffic. Every day, I get a report on how my Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus accounts are doing. I’ve chosen these three media sites, but Sum All will keep track of many others as well.

For instance, for twitter, Sum All tracks my tweets, retweets, mentions, replies, favorited and followers, and compares my actions/reach to the same period last week. I find this information easy to read and helpful at times.

In this article on Useful Social Media Tips, Sum All shares the best time of day to use social media.

I’m in the middle of figuring out if this works. Yesterday, according to my Sum All report, I tweeted 7 times. Just before I went to work, I set up a couple tweets for the noon hour. Today, when I look at which tweets were retweeted, I can see that the tweets I set up between 12:00 and 3:00 were the ones retweeted. This time of day does seem to have captured attention.

I can also see that the tweets I post with images were retweeted more as well.

This is why I’ve been designing custom graphic images for my Book Nook author’s books that are copy-right-free, so they can get them out there as well. These designs are specifically sized for a twitter feed and other social media sites. This image is also featured in the virtual Book Nook stores in Second Life.

Here’s some of the images:

Scorpio Rising (2)





Dorothy Bell's Image





Secrets Image





Traci Douglas Seals Twitter Image





Morgan O'Neill Roman Series Image - 1280 x 720 (BNP)






If you’d like an image to help promote your books, it would be my pleasure. Please let me know. And have a look at Sum All to see if it can help you make sense of your marketing efforts.

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